Baltimore, BWI Airport

7/5/05, 8:15 pm

I have uncomfortably nestled into my home for the next eight hours, seat 35A. Thank God I secured a window seat so I can stare out into blackness as I try to wile away the hours reading the insanely long manual for my digital camera. Actually, I hope to get some sleep, but the two large Sam Adams haven’t really helped. Oh well.

I was a little worried, since no one was speaking with a British accent when I checked in, but all is well since I now struggle to understand what the crew is saying, what with their funny accents and unusual verb conjugations. We want the trip to seem authentic, don’t we?

Alright, I’m babbling and trying to sound too funny since I know others will be reading this. Okay, I just looked out the window and saw a Hooters Airline plane. No kidding. I’d like to make a comment here, but my mother will be reading this later.


Copyright Axel Schwarz 2005


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