Barafu Hut


This entry is being written a little earlier than usual. Today we had a short hike from Karanga Valley to the base camp at Barafu Hut. Tonight we make our attempt at the summit. We will leave around 11:00 or 11:30 tonight and hike in the dark in order to reach Uhuru Peak (5895m) at first light.

Right now we are resting in our tents after a hot lunch. Soon we will have dinner and then we will try to get a few hours’ rest before our attempt. Said attempt will be pretty crazy, with 4,200 feet of ascent followed by 9,300 feet of descent all in one day. The health of some of our members is questionable, but I think at least all of us will give it a go when the time comes.


Copyright Axel Schwarz 2005


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